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Jaco Robotic Arm

So lets think about some things that you never really think about as an able-bodied person.

  • You want a drink or something to eat…what do you do?
  • The doorbell rings…what do you do?
  • You drop something…what do you do?
  • You need to call a friend or business associate…what do you do?
  • You want something sitting on a shelf in the grocery store…what do you do?

Well those questions have easy answers, right?

  • You go get a drink or something to eat out of the refrigerator.
  • You open the door to see who’s there.
  • You pick it up.
  • You dial the phone, hold it up to your head, and start talking.
  • You take it off the shelf and put it in your grocery cart.

These are the type of every day actions that you just do without ever having to think about how you are going to make them happen. As someone with a disability, my answers to these questions would be different.

  • I have someone else go get me a drink or something to eat out of the refrigerator, then they hold the drink for me to sip through a straw or feed me the food, and finally I tell them when I’ve had enough.
  • I get someone else to open the door to see who’s there or, if I’m feeling brave, I could just shout come in and take my chances.
  • I get someone else to pick it up.
  • I get someone else to dial the phone, hold it up to my head, and then I start talking. If I really feel like sharing my conversation, I can have them put the call on speakerphone so they don’t have to hold the phone for me.
  • I search for a store employee or another willing customer to take it off the shelf and put it in my lap.

All those answers involve having someone else available to help me 24/7. What if I was alone and there was an emergency? Could I get out of the house on my own if there was a fire? Could I call 911 if I was hurt? Having a Jaco robotic arm would help me to regain some of the independence I have lost over the years and give some peace of mind to my family and friends when they are forced to leave me alone. Check out this video on the Jaco robotic arm.

However, this kind of technology is expensive (approximately $53,000) and not covered by insurance. This is the piece of technology I want the most. It is hard for me to explain or have others understand how much total dependence on others can affect my self-esteem. I need to be able to do things for myself. So I am asking for your help! You can help out by:

  • Making a purchase in my shop.
  • Sending a donation to me at Peggy Overbey, 1807 NE 16th Pl, Ocala, FL 34470.
  • Sending a donation through PayPal to onepegatatime@outlook.com.
  • Sending a donation through my Go Fund Me website.
  • Passing my website and information out to everyone you know. I’ll be happy to mail you some of my business cards, as soon as I get them, if you’d like to hand them out. Just go to Contact Me to send me an email.

The thought of being able to do things for myself again that I haven’t been able to do in years has me on the verge of tears, and I cannot even think of enough words that would convey my gratitude for any help you could give.

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